Electric Convection Oven

R12,499.00 R10,999.00

Electric Convection Oven.

Model: HEB-4F


Electric Convection Oven

Model Number: HEB-4F

Distribute heat evenly around the food, removing the blanket of cooler air that surrounds food when it is first placed in an oven and allowing food to cook more evenly in less time and at a lower temperature than in a conventional oven.

Unlike conventional radiant (also called thermal) ovens, convection ovens have a fan that continuously circulates air through the oven cavity. When hot air is blowing onto food, as opposed to merely surrounding it, the food tends to cook more quickly. A short version of the scientific explanation for this is that moving air speeds up the rate of heat transference that naturally occurs when air of two different temperatures converge. Sunrose Online brings you the best convection ovens at the right price. Our ovens are the top of the range and bring out the best baked and cooked goods to perfection.

Sunrose gives you

  1. Double fan at the back. The convection will be more even.
  2. Heat element with equipped upper and lower chambers.
  3. Heat rapidity
  4. S/S #430 stainless steel.
  5. Different panel color of your choice (black)
  6. Indication light inside. You can see the food more clearly.







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